Photogrammetry is the extraction of three-dimensional measurements from two-dimensional data (i.e. images). Forensic photogrammetry is used in height evaluation for determining the height of individuals or vehicles contained within CCTV or other imagery.

At Acumé Forensic, our technical team can use material gathered during an investigation to scrutinise imagery and decide whether it is suitable for process. If it is determined that the media has suitable common points, identified on each image, it may be necessary to return to the location to recreate the image and obtain control measurements. This can then be utilised to more clearly define structural edges for use when triangulating the location of the points used in measuring.

A report of our findings is provided together with detailed supporting imagery that are used to assist jurors in outlining their findings. The report may be supplied as a standalone report or incorporated into a more complex EPE of all the evidence. EPE must be presented in an Electronic Courtroom to maximise its full evidential potential and ensure that all the information contained in it is fully understood by all.

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