Electronic Presentation of Evidence

A modern EPE (Electronic Presentation of Evidence) incorporates all strands of evidential material that is intended to be used at a hearing; and may include advanced 3D graphics, enhanced CCTV and audio or perhaps a crime scene reconstruction or any other media or prepared material necessary. All are constructed to assist counsel with the smooth running of a trial in an e-Court.

A typical EPE incorporates multiple strands of evidence holding them centrally in a laptop or PC. All the material required is prepared by Acumé Forensic technicians working closely with the investigation / prosecution / defence team to ensure that all pertinent information is included in a manner that is easy for all trial participants to understand.

An EPE is often used in capital and serious crime cases where complexity and volume conspire against paper. It could be that the EPE is required to demonstrate the movements of a money laundering chain or a VAT carousel fraud in an animated graphic, which when included in an EPE, makes the point more clearly than using words alone. EPE may consist of multiple document formats, and the facility to show a publicity film, Interactive maps, annotated CCTV, animated reconstructions multiple plans and 3D material all incorporated in one place inside the EPE is invaluable.

Audio Enhancement