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Acumé Forensic was established in 2004, and is now the leading digital forensic company in the UK.


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Acumé Forensic was established in 2004 and is one of the leading digital forensic companies in the UK. Working with law enforcement, legal defence companies and other agencies, offering consultancy and digital services from original examination through disclosure to trial and beyond.

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Staff at Acumé Forensic have been serving the Criminal Justice System since the 1980s providing digital forensic services.

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Halo - Facial identification technology

Halo is a multi-camera high resolution imaging system with AI facial identification technology. Equipped with 18 megapixel machine vision cameras and specially designed LED panels, image quality was the priority when designing Halo. The images capture every detail from every angle to improve photo quality for clients. Halo matches all captured images by using AI facial identification technology. Moreover, Halo can capture high quality moving video footage that is compliant with Promat™ and Viper™ systems. This is the product of our work in offender identification and Acumé Forensic are proud to be working with two leading UK universities in facial and full body biometric research projects.

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