Electronic Court

Electronic courts are usually implemented to increase the efficiency of the court by expediting the access to information. Often referred to as a paperless court, we aim to reduce the reliance on paper or hard-copy documents during the judicial process. As an electronic court supplier, Acumé Forensic install high quality AV equipment into courts in the UK and Worldwide. Acumé Forensic have been designing and installing electronic courts since 2004.

An electronic court must have the latest technology installed and screens strategically placed so that every trial participant has an unobstructed view. Health and Safety requirements are adhered to and professional court user nightlines are uninterrupted. Sound is reproduced and played at the highest quality subject to source material.

An electronic court is used to run an EPE or digital fraud case. EPE is loaded onto a secure laptop or PC which is digitally connected to the monitors and audio equipment within the court. Sometimes also linked externally to satellite courts, remote witnesses and remote websites for high profile public cases. Operators can also be utilised to run the EPE in an electronic court, promoting an increase in juror awareness of key facts and everyone is looking at the same video, graphic or document.

An electronic court is proven to speed hearing presentation, aid understanding and promote fair judgement. Traditional paper jury bundles are increasingly being replaced by iPads; the current firm favourite at trial. Our jury bundles are indexed, foldered, named and populated with only the material counsel require. Jurors can view documents, zoom in and out, annotate them, make notes, open multiple documents and index their annotations for instant recall without the need for paper. Review is backed up and updated automatically when entering the electronic court, the only requirements are the digital and physical security of the tablet and charging, all conducted on counsels behalf by a skilled Acumé Forensic technician.

Electronic Court