Adduce software

Adduce Evidence Exploration and Presentation System: a unique evidence exploration and presentation system that integrates all material generated during an investigative cycle. Designed for complex and document heavy fraud cases where the volume of documents and the complexity of the case may overwhelm a Jury. Information can be examined, classified, amended, disseminated and presented at trial all in one product.

Traditional solutions such as an ‘ebible’ or ‘ebrowser’ are no more than a standard combined PDF solution linked to an index; however these solutions are historically limited in size and speed. Adduce is constructed to hold an infinite dataset defined by the physical size of the hard drive that does not affect the speed of the software.

An intuitive interface makes sure that users can familiarise themselves without specialist training, ensuring that the material is presented on-screen without delay using the inbuilt trial presentation module.

The Adduce software is designed with simplicity in mind. It will link with our Review tablet software to hold electronic jury bundles on iPads or other brands of tablet. This allows jurors and court professionals to access all the information contained in the jury bundle.