Digital Imaging

Acumé Forensic provides a range of services for the Forensic enhancement, analysis and comparison of photographic or video digital imagery. The Forensic enhancement and comparison of photographic or video images can be used in a number of different circumstances and not just traditional criminal investigations. Increasingly the services of Acumé Forensic are called upon to scrutinise digital material in cases such as:

  • Imagery obtained in the course of an investigation for example that may be used as a part of the evidential material submitted to identify the presence of an accused person or suspect vehicle at a crime scene.
  • Part of the material used in civil litigation to disprove or support ownership of possessions, where imaging material has been submitted.
  • In certain cases we have been successful in proving provenance of works and pieces of art where historic data can be digitally enhanced for evaluation.
  • An important and growing area of work is the analysis of submissions including plans, documents or other media where patent infringement or fraud is identified.

Forensic Photography

Acumé Forensic technical staff are highly trained and experienced forensic photographers capable of capturing a whole crime scene or detailed photography of individual exhibits required for identification or comparison purposes, utilising on site visits or our own photographic studio.

Acumé Forensic make use of specialist forensic imaging techniques including, pattern removal, colour correction, noise reduction filters, imagery stabilisation to remove the effects of camera motion, and artefact identification. All the technical processes we apply are completed solely to forensically enhance information within the image to allow comparison and then the presentation of digital imagery by our highly trained and experienced staff to ultimately disprove or support areas that the untrained eye may have missed.

Utilising all three elements of forensic photography our expert photographic staff consider and record the scene or exhibit, the subject and reference object.

All photographs are examination quality recorded accurately and shown to be neutral with a full and comprehensive audit trail.

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Quality is relatively new for forensic digital media. At Acumé Forensic, our analytical processes are capable of determining authenticity, provenance and integrity of digital images as well as being used, if of good quality, to identify and compare.

Staff at Acumé Forensics have been serving the Criminal Justice System since the 1980’s. We pride ourselves in the quality of our client service, technical reports and the products we offer. Discuss your requirements today with one of our in-house experts.