Forensic Comparison

At Acumé Forensic we work in partnership with investigation teams and specialist imaging departments, together we assist in conducting an in depth review of material that may provide a number of investigative and evidential opportunities linked with the potential for further forensic interpretation. Our expert imaging staff are able to conduct technical processes that include photographic comparison which is also known as a side by side comparison and can be split into sub-disciplines.

  • Facial mapping comparison is made between an unknown subject captured on photograph, surveillance or CCTV footage. The unknown subject is compared with a control image and a number of other images where an identification or elimination is made.
  • Clothing comparison is made between an unidentified item of clothing worn or discarded  by an individual and potentially captured on photograph, surveillance or CCTV footage. Identification of the clothing may lead to the linking of an individual with an incident. In most circumstances the task will be to give an indication of artefacts on the clothing that may be linked to similar items, or to form an intelligence lead when searching for such items.
  • Vehicle identification / comparison identifies or disproves a vehicles presence on photograph, surveillance or CCTV footage. Items of similarity identified on the image may lead to the identification of a type, make or model that can confirm or disprove a vehicles appearance on the questioned media.
  • Object comparison is used to provide an intelligence lead of objects appearing on photographs, surveillance or CCTV footage. It may also lead to prove or disprove a particular object that has been recovered when compared against the media. Object comparison can also be used when comparing injury marks against the alleged tool or instrument.

All our comparison analysis work is peer reviewed and conducted by expert technical staff. A report is provided together with detailed imagery outlining the findings; the report may be supplied as a standalone report or incorporated into a more complex EPE of all the evidence.

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