CCTV (closed-circuit television) is an image recording system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are recorded and monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. The system relies on the strategic placement of cameras and observation of the camera’s input on monitors elsewhere – normally a remote control centre. The term CCTV in recent years has been widened and generalised in law enforcement circles to include video recorded material. This can include: private and public systems, mobile phone footage, camera footage, and time lapse.

Working closely with the investigation / court team / legal team, we will review the material provided and outline what we believe are the best processes to apply to optimise the evidence potential. That can be: forensic recovery of media, video enhancement, annotation, sequential edit, tracking of people / vehicle edit with maps.

The CCTV end product is outputted as a professional forensic edit with the appropriate process applied, supplied as a standalone product or as part of a more complex EPE of all the evidence. EPE must be presented in an Electronic Courtroom to maximise its full evidential potential and ensure that all the information contained in it is fully understood by all.

Forensic Video Editing

Acumé Forensic technical staff are highly trained and experienced forensic practitioners capable of creating CCTV sequence of events edits, combining motion graphics and video presentation.

CCTV footage can be accurately synched with mobile cell-site data, vehicle movements and tracking of targets. This produces easy to follow narratives, making use of mapping as well as motion graphics to give context to both CCTV footage, mobile data and movement events. All camera coverage and key information is produced in a clear and consistent format throughout the sequence of events.

Video material is processed using our accredited conversion process to ensure the best possible image quality is maintained throughout. This will include general improvements to image sharpness, colour balance, brightness and contrast and selective enlargement.

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Quality is relatively new for forensic digital media. At Acumé Forensic, our analytical processes are capable of determining authenticity, provenance and integrity of digital images as well as being used, if of good quality, to identify and compare.

Staff at Acumé Forensics have been serving the Criminal Justice System since the 1980’s. We pride ourselves in the quality of our client service, technical reports and the products we offer. Discuss your requirements today with one of our in-house experts.