Audio Enhancement

Audio recordings are often poor quality made in less than ideal conditions on devices such as mobile phones and covert microphones. The result is usually a quiet voice recorded against a background of unwanted noise. Audio can also be extracted from video and mobile phone recordings and convert the file format to MP3, WAV, AAC or any other audio file format required.

Acumé Forensic provide expert forensic audio enhancement services, building custom filters to help remove the unwanted noise and amplify the frequencies that contain speech. Forensic audio analysis can also establish if any editing has taken place and authenticate audio recordings as genuine.

It is important that all enhancement that is undertaken is admissible in court, that a forensic audio expert has followed standard operating procedures, and that an audit trail of the processes involved are recorded accurately.

Forensically enhanced audio files can require play back in the courtroom, Acumé Forensic can provide all equipment needed if this is required.

Audio and Visual Equipment