Acumé Forensic

Introducing Halo.

The only all-purpose custody imaging and recording system, available worldwide. Halo currently exceeds the current Home Office standard for custody image capture and photographs from 8 facial views  including elevated CCTV viewpoints.  Designed primarily as a Custody Imaging System, the Halo also lends it service to any line of business that requires high quality facial imagery. The Halo has been developed to bridge the gap between the functions provided by both VIPER and Promat software.

A three panel steel construction with purpose built LED light source, the Halo uses state-of-the-art Machine Vision cameras to capture minute facial detail. The steel hardware ensures longevity and the touch screen interface allows operative functions with ease. The accompanying Machine Learning Software has been developed alongside academic researchers and integrates current Deep-Learning algorithms.

  • Multi-camera recording of 8 viewpoints including 3x elevated views.
  • High resolution high quality images from all cameras.
  • Images compatible with comparison work.
  • Ideal to capture images ready for bio-metric data analysis.
  • Modular construction for scalability and replacement.
  • Custom made 50,000 hours life expectancy LED lighting panels.
  • Machine vision cameras.
  • Software developed in-house allows complete customisation and integration.
  • Tough steel and laminated glass construction.