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Secrets of a Suffragette

Clare Balding and a team of forensic experts from Acume Forensics have analysed the footage frame by frame, re-examined the evidence and, astonishingly, believe they may have made new discoveries that will change our view of what really happened on that fateful summer day. For more on this story see News

Using cognitive and holistic interviews, E-Fit-V and various composite techniques we can produce a suspect likeness and evidential documentation.


We offer a fully comprehensive service and ensure by working in partnership with clients that we supply realistic long-term solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. We guarantee that our work is completed within the price quoted, there are no hidden extras. We will only undertake further development or additional processes with full consultation and agreement.

  • Audio enhancement
  • Transcription services
  • CCTV
  • Clothing comparisons
  • Cold Case Reconstruction -
  • Corporate Presentation
  • Court room A/V setup
  • Digital assett review database
  • Document database
  • Document & Exhibit Scanning
  • EPE Preparation
  • Facial Comparisons/Mapping
  • E-Fit V
  • Geomatics
  • High Value Fraud
  • Imaging services
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Photography/Video
  • Telecoms / ANPR Mapping
  • Vehicle comparisons
  • Virtual Scene Panoramas
  • 3D Computer Generated Body Injury Animations
  • 3D Computer Generated Scenes

To date our Courtroom EPE have been used by many Police Forces, HSE, MOD, CPS, CPS Fraud Group, HMRC, FSA, Police Federation, Procurator Fiscal, Defence Counsel and other agencies.



Acume Review is Acume's highly searchable cross platform document database. The ideal platform for reviewing or disclosing large numbers of documents. The database can also contain images, video, audio and other file formats.

The database can be standalone or hosted online using G-Cloud services at IL2 (or above if required).

Acume Forensics are one of the few companies that are part of the CPS Framework for the supply of EPE.

Please contact us to find out how this could benefit you.

Facial mapping, (also referred to as Facial comparison), is the morphological comparison of images (Photographic, CCTV or otherwise) of individuals used to determine whether or not they are of the same person. 

Highly trained Forensic Artists and Forensic Analysts are able to professionally produce Facial Comparison/ Facial Mapping reports for an array of service providers including:  Police forces, Crown Prosecution Service, Ministry of Defence, HMRC, FSA, SOCA and HSE.


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