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Our Services

Our Services

Audio Improvement & Enhancement

Audio Improvement & Enhancement

Automatic real-time transcription system for interviews and court room evidence, with word search from within the audio file and auto redaction. All forensic audio services undertaken, including enhancement and file analysis.

Evidential Comparison

Expert reports in facial, clothing and vehicle comparison.



All recovery, digitisation and analysis services provided with expert opinion and report. Editing with annotation and graphics and other forensic post production, such as movement tracking (arrowing). Photogrammetry services such as height analysis and speed calculation.

Document Scanning

Acume Forensic offer a professional document scanning service.

High quality scanning creates an accurate reproduction, improves search facilities, reduces the need for further printing and allows for safe and secure storage. A specialised scanning process with quality control throughout will save time and expense.



Acumé Forensics ‘Review’ is an evidence exploration system, developed by legal professionals for legal professionals. Securely evaluate documents and multi-media for further investigation, disclosure and service for the trial jury bundle.

The incorporated trial presentation module allows the same interface to be used from initial review to court presentation without the need for additional software.

Using integrated software throughout the investigation and trial process reduces outlay on research, service, outside agency and trial costs.


Biometric Data Capture & Analysis

Acume Forensic HALO custody camera system captures eight facial images, each from a different viewpoint. Artificial Intelligence uses Deep Learning to build a biometric profile from the multiple facial viewpoints, allowing the HALO system to identify an individual recorded using the system.


Acumé Forensics supply quality Courtroom multi media presentations (EPE) that are technically proficient, accurate, legible, produced within agreed timescales and regulatory compliant.

All our processes are conducted to the highest technical and ethical standards, comply with current relevant legislation and are acceptable in UK Courts. EPE can be anything from simple standalone graphics to a complete court case in an interactive package.

BM New_small

3D Body Mapping

3D post mortem injury mapping, graphics to show both external and internal injuries including wound tracking. From annotated still images to full blown animations helping the jury to visualise the findings within the expert report.

Digital Imaging

Expert examination, provenance, improvement.


Forensic Analysis of Electronic Devices

Digital evidence features in daily life. Legal decisions hinge on having data that can identify exactly what people have actually done.

Processes are used to conduct investigations to confirm or disprove the existence of potential evidence held on digital devices for use at trial (prosecution or defence). Using methodology and competent staff to correctly gather, analyse and present the digital evidence identified within the various devices.

A detailed report complying with all current regulations is provided detailing the results found and the process undertaken to obtain those results. All reporting is peer reviewed.


Telecommunications evidence is complex by nature, often confusing and difficult to understand. Usually passed on in the same format along the service chain from specialist to trial, making it difficult for a juror to assimilate the information and reach an informed decision.

We have over 20 years experience presenting telecoms data in an interactive graphical format that is easy to understand, allowing jurors to reach an informed decision about its importance and relevance.

Review 'lite'

Electronic Jury Bundles

'Review Lite’ has been developed for use during trial. It can be installed onto hand held tablet devices and seamlessly links with the full ‘Review’ product.

The tablets are used during the trial as the electronic Jury Bundle. They can replace, or be used alongside other digital media and paper exhibits. 'Review Lite’ can be used pre-trial by legal professionals to review, prepare and update evidence whether in the office or on the go.

'Review Lite’ is simple to use and secure in service. There is an annotation facility to allow users to record, identify and review evidence as the trial progresses.

3D Scene Reconstruction

Recreate cold case evidence using the 21st century techniques from information gathered at the time of the event or occurrence, which in some cases can be many years ago. Any scene, weapon, implement, event or occurrence can be graphically reconstructed in 3D as a sequence of events, image or user controlled walk through. Allowing the investigation team (prosecution or defence) to determine where they move or look within the virtual scene. Document searches with enhanced software can assist in identifying unidentified links or nominals. During the investigative review cycle new techniques often assist in identifying critical information that either was not linked to or did not exist at the time.

Cold Case

Cold Case

Acume Forensics have the facilities to digitally recreate a cold case from the original evidence. Evidence can be graphically reconstructed as a 3D sequence of events, digital image or a user controlled walk-through. Use of this technology opens up the possibility to re-examine witness viewpoints, validate statements and test old and new hypothesis.

Immersive Environments

Virtual Reality.



One of the most important demonstrative visual aids in a courtroom is a Timeline. A Timeline is a graphical representation of the combined evidence, usually presented in chronological order. This allows complex information to be displayed in a simple and relevant manner, allowing a Jury to comprehend and retain information with which to reach an informed verdict.



The above is not an exhaustive or inclusive list of services offered. As with all our work it is tailored to your needs with full consultation at all stages. 

We offer a fully comprehensive service and ensure by working in partnership with clients that we supply realistic long-term solutions that are tailored to your personal needs. We guarantee that our work is completed within the price quoted, there are no hidden extras. We will only undertake further development or additional processes with full consultation and agreement. 

To date our Courtroom EPE have been used by many Police Forces, HSE, MOD, CPS, CPS Fraud Group, HMRC, FSA, Police Federation, Procurator Fiscal, Defence Counsel and other agencies.