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Image forensics is the forensic enhancement and comparison of photographic (photo forensics) or video images. Acumé Forensic can apply image forensics to a number of different circumstances, including traditional criminal investigations. Increasingly the services of Acumé Forensic are called upon to scrutinise digital material in cases involving image forensics.

Staff at Acumé Forensic have been serving the Criminal Justice System since the 1980s providing digital forensic services. We pride ourselves in the quality of our client service, technical reports and the products we deliver.

The processes conducted to the highest technical and ethical standards by Acumé Forensic, also comply with current legislation and are acceptable in UK Courts. Get in touch with a digital forensic expert today to discuss any requirements.

  • 3D CGI

  • Digital Imaging

  • Electronic Presentation of Evidence

  • Forensic Comparison

  • Photogrammetry

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